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July 12, 2019

How the Tennessee Wildlife Federation is Fighting to Stop Asian Carp

The Tennessee Wildlife Federation has a storied history of conserving Tennessee's natural resources, but right now an invasive species is threatening those very resources. Mike Butler, executive director of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, joins the National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast to tell us what his organization is doing to stop Asian carp from spreading in Tennessee's waters, where they undermine native fisheries for popular sport-fish like bass on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. He discusses the coalition they've pulled together from across the Mississippi River basin including anglers like Bill Dance, conservation groups, and political offices, to increase the funding that wildlife agencies in the region have to fight this invasive species. As always, this episode is supported by Rep Your Water, whose "Stop Asian Carp" collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation helps our efforts to stop Asian carp. 

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June 28, 2019

Climate Change Impacts to Hunting and Fishing with Johnny Carrol Sain of Conservation Hawks

Johnny Carrol Sain is an award-winning outdoor writer from Arkansas and a board member for Conservation Hawks, a nonprofit with a mission to protect hunting and fishing from the impacts of climate change. We caught up with Johnny at the Outdoor Writers Association of America annual conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he accepted an Excellence In Craft award for his writing. In this episode, he describes the impact that climate change is having on hunting and fishing in Arkansas, the role of outdoor writers in conservation, good books, how he approaches his work, and the recent victory to protect the Buffalo National River from a polluting hog farm. 

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June 20, 2019

Louisiana’s Vanishing Paradise w/ Ryan Schaefer of Louisiana Wildlife Federation & NWF’s Bill Cooksey

This episode of the National Wildlife Federation Outdoors podcast features Ryan Schaefer, board member of Louisiana Wildlife Federation, professional fur trapper, and conservationist, and Bill Cooksey, sportsmen outreach coordinator for NWF’s Vanishing Paradise program. We talk about Louisiana’s disappearing coastline, coastal forage fish declines, giving back to the resource, the work of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation, the cascade of effects from fisheries issues on the fishing industry and conservation funding, the importance of talking to your legislators about conservation issues, the sway that an individual hunter and angler holds with legislators, the bipartisan nature of conservation issues, getting over the sticker shock of necessary infrastructure projects, and how to make sure your legislators know what they're talking about. We're publishing this episode a day early because we'll be on the road this weekend to the Outdoor Writers Association of America annual conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Bill Cooksey will be on a panel discussing climate change impacts to waterfowl habitat. And while we forgot to mention it on the podcast, the National Wildlife Federation's Vanishing Paradise program is supported in part by Wiley X sunglasses, so we provided a link to the press release announcing the partnership below. And as always, the National Wildlife Federation Outdoors podcast is supported by Rep Your Water, whose Great Lakes products support our efforts to stop Asian carp. 

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June 14, 2019

Hunt Clean with Nicole Qualtieri of GearJunkie & Mahting Putelis of Hunt To Eat

GearJunkie's Nicole Qualtieri and Hunt To Eat's Mahting Putelis join this episode of the National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast to talk about hunting with non-lead ammunition, how they deliberately chose to become hunters as adults and why, the role of mortality in modern society, hunting ethics and respecting wildlife, what genuine inclusivity means in hunting, Hunt To Eat's participation in 2% for Conservation and the new Hunt Clean collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation, and Nicole's recent article in GearJunkie about the five topics about women in hunting that we need to get over. This is a jam-packed episode filled with deep thoughts, tough conversations, and laughter throughout. And, since it's almost Father's Day, we're including an additional link to Nicole's recent article with great suggestions for outdoorsy dads in case you need any last minute ideas. The National Wildlife Federation Podcast is supported by Rep Your Water. 

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June 8, 2019

Shane Mahoney and the Wild Harvest Initiative

In this special episode of the National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast, Shane Mahoney of Conservation Visions discusses the Wild Harvest Initiative, his new partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, the wildlife crisis, and how the wild food for which we hunt, fish, and gather can help solve it.

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May 10, 2019

Trout Unlimited’s Taylor Ridderbusch on Clean Water Act, Asian Carp

Taylor Ridderbusch of Trout Unlimited joins the NWF Outdoors Podcast from the Great Lakes Conference in Detroit, Michigan, to discuss the policy work he does in the Great Lakes region, including collaborations with the National Wildlife Federation on the effort to stop Asian carp through the Great Lakes Conservation Coalition, the Clean Water Act and the implications of a potential rollback of the Waters of the U.S. Rule on trout streams in the Driftless Area, and his background growing up hunting and fishing in northern Wisconsin. 

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April 26, 2019

Conservation News: Wildlife Migration Corridors, Idaho Salmon, Climate Change

On this conservation news short, we cover new polling from the National Wildlife Federation showing tremendous public support in Colorado and New Mexico for protecting wildlife migration corridors and the new collaboration between Hunt To Eat and the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Montana Wildlife Federaion, and Idaho Wildlife Federation. We also highlight Idaho Wildlife Federation's work to reform salmon recovery efforts in their state, and close with a plug for Conservation Hawks new film addressing climate change impacts to hunting and fishing, "In the Heart of the Rockies." 

Each week, the NWF Outdoors Podcast will cover recent conservation issues in short digests like this episode, along with our full-length interviews with conservation, hunting and fishing leaders each month. The next interview will feature Heather Shaw of the Ruffed Grouse Society, discussing grouse habitat needs and how they're met through active forest management. 

April 19, 2019

Stopping Asian Carp with Marc Smith of NWF

For decades, Asian carp have been moving north toward the Great Lakes, threatening its $7 billion sport-fishery as they undermine fisheries throughout the Mississippi River basin. For much of that time, Marc Smith of the National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in advocating for solutions to stop Asian carp. On this episode of the NWF Outdoors Podcast, Marc and host Drew YoungeDyke discuss the history of the effort to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes and the current status of the Army Corps of Engineers plan to block them by rebuilding a lock and dam south of Chicago. The National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast is supported by a conservation partnership with Rep Your Water, which supports the National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center's work to stop Asian carp. 


January 4, 2019

Minnesota Conservation Federation with Jason Dinsmore, LWCF, Lead-free hunting, Boundary Waters

On today’s episode, we’ll talk with Jason Dinsmore, interim executive director of the Minnesota Conservation Federation about public lands, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, why you should switch to lead-free ammo for hunting, and what’s going on with the Boundary Waters. We recorded this last month before the old Congress departed without renewing the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the new one inherited a shutdown government. The LWCF still needs to be renewed, though, so our call for Congress to renew it in this episode is as urgent as the day we originally recorded it. Also, I’ve since learned that the Minnesota Conservation Federation in co-hosting a Rally for Public Lands on February 7th at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Conservation Country is a podcast from the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes Regional Center featuring conservation issues from across the country, through interviews with the conservationists behind the scenes working hard every day for our fish and wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation is the nation’s largest grassroots conservation organization, representing 51 state and territorial affiliates from statewide hunting coalitions to state environmental leagues. Its mission is to unite all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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September 28, 2018

How Outdoor Recreation Drives a Local Economy with Paul Beachnau

"If you build it, they will come." The classic line from Field of Dreams certainly applies to our country's investment in outdoor recreation for its citizens. The Gaylord Area Convention and Tourism Bureau rebranded itself a few years ago as "All Outdoors" to capitalize on the investments made in this northern Michigan community through the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. As new trails were built connecting downtown with nearby state parks, bike shops and microbreweries opened up downtown, helping to revitalize this former lumber town. At the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers annual conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, Gaylord Tourism executive director Paul Beachnau joined Conservation Country to discuss how the draw of wildlife like elk, wild forests, free-flowing rivers and outdoor recreation investment are driving economic development in his community. 

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