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Take Action with Howard Vincent, President & CEO of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever.

Take Action with Howard Vincent, President & CEO of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever.

October 15, 2021

For this episode we sit down with the President and CEO of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, Howard Vincent. We talk pheasant and quail season outlooks and the issues the birds are facing, then we move on to several conservation topics including the upcoming Farm bill and the Conservation Reserve Program – what it does, it’s benefits and why it’s so important for conservation.  We also cover the recently formed grasslands sporting coalition and their hopes and dreams for restoring America’s grasslands. We touch on the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, climate change impacts on wildlife, and why it’s so critical average sportsmen and women engage in conservation.

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Show notes:

1:05 - Howard Vincent introduction.

3:00 - What has Howard been doing outside recently?

5:05 - General outlook on on this year. How are the pheasants and quail doing overall?

7:54 - What is the state of pheasants and quail? What is the conservation outlook?

13:14 - The Farm Bill 101 and CRP. What they do, what they are designed to do and why we need them.

15:40 - What does a typical CRP acre look like?

20:40 - Precision agriculture. 

23:20 - Unpacking the new Farm Bill. 

39:50 - A message from our partner podcast, Artemis Sportswomen.

42:10 - The Grasslands Act. What it is and what it's designed to do.

47:34 - How an average Joe/Jane get engaged in the Grasslands Act? 

70% of grasslands are gone. The time to act is NOW.

54:27 - Recovering America's Wildlife Act and its importance for the sporting community. 

1:02:45 - Closing statement from Howard Vincent. Get fired up! Your voice makes a difference!

Waterfowl Time with Bill Cooksey

Waterfowl Time with Bill Cooksey

October 1, 2021

Aaron sits down with Bill Cooksey, of NWF’s Vanishing Paradise team, to talk waterfowl season. Bill is a dedicated conservationist, waterfowl expert, and a duck calling champion. We cover waterfowl hunting 101 – decoys, habitat, calling, conservation, the forecast for this season, and of course, conservation. Bill also treats us to some calling and advice on what calls to use along with some discussion of best waterfowl guns and ammo.

Check out Bill's work with Vanishing Paradise:

The World Championship Duck calling contest is coming up and Bill will be a judge! 

Check out this link to learn more: 

Show notes:

2:30 - Who is Bill Cooksey? This man has been duck hunting for 49 years!

6:15 - The when, where, how and regulations. Bill tells us about duck season!

10:10 - Bill chats about habitat changes and what this season looks like considering different variables. 

13:34 - What do new duck hunters need to think about in terms of what they should be looking for and considering?

17:46 - How many different species of ducks does Bill hunt in his neck of the woods?

21:47 - How do you identify different flight patterns between waterfowl?

23:58 - Different states, the US Fish and Wildlife Services and wildlife refuges have different regulations. Learn them (especially the USFWS).

29:06 - Short cuts to learning state to state regulations for waterfowl.

31:00 - Message from our partner podcast, Artemis Sportswomen!

32:21 - Duck decoys 101

37:00 - DUCK CALLING 101 (You don't want to miss this).

42:03 - Lets talk about non-toxic ammunition. 

48:32 - Bill has been hunting before lead shot was illegal. He can reflect on the evolution of steel shot and how effective it is. 

51:39 - Do you notice a difference in speed of shot when using steel?

54:32 - What are the differences between older guns and newer ammunition? 

57:58 - What is Bill's favorite duck to eat and how does it prepare it? 

1:00:00 - Duck conservation. What is the # 1 we should know about and understand regarding duck conservation?

1:05:00 - Reasons to get involved in waterfowl conservation.

1:07:00 - Bill tells us a good duck hunting story!

1:09:00 - Bill's closing statements on waterfowl hunting and conservation. 



Vanishing Seasons, Episode 7 - 30 Years as a New Hampshire Field Biologist with Eric Orff.

Vanishing Seasons, Episode 7 - 30 Years as a New Hampshire Field Biologist with Eric Orff.

September 24, 2021

After a nice summer break, we head to New Hampshire for our 7th episode of Vanishing Seasons to hear from Eric Orff, a 30 plus year resident of New Hampshire and retired New Hampshire Fish and Game biologist. Eric shares his passion for wildlife and details the unnatural occurrences he has witnessed as a biologist and sportsman, including the incoming and outgoing tide of moose in New Hampshire and the disappearing ice.

Why Grouse & Woodcock are Species of Conservation need, Forestry & Trends in Conservation with Todd Waldron.

Why Grouse & Woodcock are Species of Conservation need, Forestry & Trends in Conservation with Todd Waldron.

September 17, 2021

For this episode we sit down with Todd Waldron. Todd is a forester, conservationist, podcaster, and the Northeast Forest Conservation Director for Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. He is a great guy with lots of passion for conservation. We cover some forestry, why grouse and woodcock are “species of conservation need”, overall trends in conservation, climate change impacts on grouse and beyond, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

Checkout these useful links:

Show notes:

2:55 - What has Todd been up to outdoors recently?

6:00 - What are the big things that are standing out in the sporting conservation world right now?

8:30 - The contrast and transitions between the private forestry consultation, podcasting and the nonprofit world. 

11:56 - What does Todd's role entail with the Ruffed Grouse Society? Background and context.

15:37 - Does Ruffed Grouse Society do actual forestry? What do they do on the ground? 

17:47 - Species of Greatest Conservation Concern in multiple states... What's going on, how did they get to this state and what are some of the problems?

23:45 - Forest Conservation 101. Getting outdoor enthusiasts more engaged in ecology and forest conservation.

29:15 - How can a regular Joe/Jane who wants to get engaged with forest conservation across the country get the big picture with limited time?

32:45 - Message from our partner podcast, Artemis Sportswomen. 

34:50 - Climate change regarding forestry mitigation, grouse and personal experience. 

43:08 - What can our hunting and angling communities be doing to move the needle regarding climate change?

47:49 - What is the next step for conservation and shaping our future?

55:11 - Partnerships and collaboratives with land owners to find common values in order to move forward.

57:30 - Learn more about Todd's awesome podcast.

1:00:00 - Parting words of wisdom from Todd Waldron... checkout the cool work that is going on with habitat restoration from the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. 


What the bipartisan infrastructure package and the reconciliation process means for conservation and hunters and anglers with Abby Tinsley of the National Wildlife Federation.

What the bipartisan infrastructure package and the reconciliation process means for conservation and hunters and anglers with Abby Tinsley of the National Wildlife Federation.

September 3, 2021

Aaron sits down with Abby Tinsley, the Associate Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs for the National Wildlife Federation. They discuss the process of “reconciliation” how it works, what it will do, and what it means for hunting, angling, and conservation. They cover the bipartisan infrastructure package, why we need it, how it will help hunters and anglers, and how the infrastructure package relates to the reconciliation process. These are tough processes to digest but have huge implications for the lands and waters that support hunting and angling. The idea behind this podcast is to help the average person gain a basic understanding of the various developments and what will happen over the coming weeks and months.  For a quick and inciteful look at your government in action, you won’t want to miss this one!

For more information on infrastructure investments and opportunities see this link:

Testimony to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources by President and CEO of NWF, Collin O’Mara:

More on the bipartisan infrastructure package:

Nature based infrastructure and climate solutions:

Infrastructure Bill aiding the Great Lakes:$1_Billion_for_Great_Lakes_Restoration

Show Notes:

2:25 - Background on podcast guest, Abby Tinsley.

3:10 - What have Aaron and Abby been doing outside recently? Beaches, kayaking, gearing up for hunting season, canning veggies and backpacking.

5:30 - "Reconciliation 101" 

9:00 - What happened with the recent fire drill/oversight in the reconciliation bill? People wanted this bill to be 10 trillion, then 6 trillion and now 3.5 trillion dollars... People forgot that lands and water and rural areas need funding.

11:45 - What exactly was that "Pre-Money Scramble" when there wasn't any funding in there for the BLM? The sausage making!

13:47 - Congress is going to return after congressional recess & then what happens?

17:23 - How do you prepare and package the bills? What gets to be a part of the pie?

19:15 - A deeper look at the 3.5 trillion dollars. How is it paid for and when is this funding spread out? 

21:00 - A message from our partner podcast, Artemis Sportswomen!

23:00 - How does infrastructure and reconciliation interface and a few examples on what natural infrastructure entails.

25:35 - Wildlife crossings are an example of the types of projects that could receive funding. Why are these real life projects important?

28:13 - How does infrastructure and reconciliation have to do with one another?  

31:10 - What's next on the Hill?

33:00 - When do we expect all of this to start being implemented?

34:18 - What is the procedure for the next steps in terms of the funding getting to each state and programs? 

38:54 - Unpacking the use of the funding (old bridges, old schools).

42:24 - Cool infrastructure opportunities and the hunting and fishing connection.

44:10 - Closing statements on infrastructure and reconciliation from Abby Tinsley. There is still time to make it look the way you want it to look so TELL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS how important you think it is to balance the needs across states. It's time to go to bat and communicate with your member of congress!



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