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A state agency perspective on CWD with Dr. Kelly Straka of the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources

March 10, 2022

Aaron and Ashley talk interstate borders, barriers to management, and the financial and emotional toll that CWD can take on state wildlife agencies. Kelly speaks poignantly on the issue of chronic wasting disease and offers a unique perspective informed by her background as a wildlife veterinarian and manager of an entire state wildlife section. We even ask her about the “E” word!


MN DNR CWD Response Plan

AFWA CWD Best Management Practices

Show notes:

2:51 – Introduction on Dr. Kelly Straka, Wildlife Section Manager for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

 4:10 – Kelly talks about her career path to working with CWD.

7:10 – Kelly frames the issue with CWD from the perspective of state agencies. “CWD might be the most pressing issue facing cervid populations across the country right now.”

10:40 - The barriers to effective management of CWD.

17:11 - How hunters can help or hinder efforts to manage CWD.

23:29 - The Federal – State intersection of CWD. The regulatory and jurisdiction issues that have a bearing on how we deal with CWD.

33:15 - Minnesota’s approach and how it got us to where we are today.

39:07 - Minnesota’s response plan, management applications in different zones and various strategies.

43:10 – The “E” word!

48:21 - If we cannot eradicate CWD, how do we live with it in the future?

52:57 - The challenges around CWD surveillance and how hard it is to detect the disease when it is present in low numbers.

58:13 - What do the agencies wish the public knew about CWD management?

1:00:44 - What is one thing that could have been done differently?

1:03:33 - Closing statements. Stay engaged, stay aware, stay involved.

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