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Breaking Down Barriers to Entering Hunting with Jimmy Flatt, Founder - Hunters of Color

February 19, 2021

Aaron sits down with Jimmy Flatt, co-founder of Hunters of Color (HOC). We discuss how HOC came to be, barriers facing entry to hunting for people of color, how HOC plans to make an impact, Jimmy's favorite types of hunting, and hunting with a 7'1", 300 lb man.


Show notes: 

2:00 - Intro to Jimmy Flatt, Founder - Hunters of Color

4:20 – Jimmy’s background and the origins of Hunters of Color

8:54 – When Jimmy’s girlfriend and co-founder of HOC kickstarted the organization’s development

13:00 – mission and goals on Hunters of Color

21:15 – what HOC aims to do in the conservation space

24:45 – what do people need to understand about the issue HOC is tackling

29:42 – It all starts with the love for humanity and understanding where people come from

34:04 – The HOC mentor program

38:11 – Jimmy’s favorite types of hunting

43:16 – lucky in the West to have lots of access and public lands, access issues for new hunters and people of color

45:46 – dream scenario for Hunters of Color

51:00 – a first time turkey hunt with a 7’ tall, 300 pound person

54:12 – where to find HOC and how to get engaged


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