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How Hunters are Impacted by CWD and Actions They can Take.

February 24, 2022

Ashley and Aaron talk with Kip Adams about how hunting traditions can impact chronic wasting disease. Kip is the Chief Conservation Officer for the National Deer Association and very well-versed in both the science and culture of deer hunting. He lends a unique and optimistic perspective on what sportswomen and men can do to in their backyards and at a state level to slow the spread.


Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Resource Center - A comprehensive guide from NDA (

Show notes:

2:54 – Introduction of Kip Adams.

3:50 - The short and sweet of the National Deer Association, “The Guardians of the Deer” who are they and what do they do?

5:18 - It’s important to serve both sides of the coin, both hunters and deer.

6:23 - Kips professional opinion regarding CWD. “The biggest thing impacting the future of deer herds right now.”

7:54 - Words of wisdom for folks who hunt and live in states who have yet to test positive. “Do everything possible to keep it out.”

9:03 - What are the most important steps we can take to stop the spread of CWD?

10:43 – NDA’s specific approach in the fight against the spread of CWD.

12:47 - If only 4% of the population purchases a hunting license, how do we activate the other 96%?

15:50 - Bringing the hunter knowledge of the landscape to other conservation issues.

17:32 - The cost of testing, staff time to collect samples, outreach, etc. is a hidden cost that we don’t talk about a lot. It costs an average of $250,000 bill when they discover CWD in a state!

19:28 - How to inform hunters tactfully as to how they might want to change their behaviors in order to stop the spread. Changing our routine is hard but we have to do it in order to stop the spread of CWD.

23:02 - Deer hunting has changed a lot over the past two hundred years. There’s room for new traditions to be made, it’s not impossible to change.

25:14 - What should we be doing regarding traditions such as feed stations, salt licks and other forms of baiting deer.

27:50 - Should we have a widespread ban on feeding and other forms of baiting deer?

30:02 - Reflecting on the concept that we should be all hands on deck in fighting to prevent the spread.

Finding balance with sporting traditions and age structures when it comes to older bucks. “Older bucks are twice as likely to have CWD.”

38:56 - Targeted removals and how various hunters might process this concept depending on their background and experience regarding CWD.

41:53 - NDA’s thoughts on captive cervids and interstate travel of cervids. “We should stop all movement of live animals.”

44:37 - What are the road blocks to making this happen.

47:10 - What can average Joe/Jane do regarding CWD?

48:48 - What is the single biggest thing that NDA has done to prevent CWD?

50:58 - What’s the one thing that should have been done different and what can we learn from this.

52:17 - There are a lot of resources out there where you can learn more about CWD. Be sure to educate yourself and get engaged. Kip is a firm believer that we are going to beat this.

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